This music school underdog story will give you renewed faith in your own abilities

8 June 2016, 10:41 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

emily davidson cello

Cellist Emily Davidson has uploaded this epic vlog about being an underdog at music college, and we find it quite inspiring.

She’d only been learning the cello for a year and a half, but she still managed to get into music school. Emily Davidson is now a baroque cello specialist, despite receiving what she describes as very little support from the education system.

When she applied to music college, Emily had only been learning for a couple of years, very few compared to many of her colleagues. And how did she deal with it?  

“I started to create my own world again, where I wasn’t comparing myself to my colleagues. Now my colleagues weren’t looking at me as this bad cellist, but instead a cellist who was doing something a little bit different.”

“I felt like the runt, which is often how I felt in school.”

But now, four years after graduating, she has successful solo albums, a busy quartet and solo concert schedule and, obviously, a future in vlogging.

She concludes: “I hope if there’s any music student going through something like this, that my words were a little bit of encouragement.”

They sure were.