Toto’s ‘Africa’ played on melodicas is a recipe for pure joy

8 April 2019, 17:30

By Kyle Macdonald

Please enjoy the latest theatrical version of Toto’s iconic soft rock anthem...

This duo have set about giving Toto's 1982 hit a melodica twist, complete with sub-Saharan costumes.

Over the last two years, Melodica Men have amassed tens of millions of views on Facebook with their arrangements.

So far, the duo have tackled the likes of Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and one of video game music's most iconic themes: Super Mario Bros by Koji Kondo.

But now, it's all about the ultimate euphoric hands-in-the-air rock anthem.

Their videos are very entertaining, but Joe Buono and Tristan Clarke are also passionate about music education and engaging young people with these instruments. You can read more about their projects and also also support their work on Patreon.