Can you pass the ultimate sight-reading eye test?

4 November 2018, 18:11

By Kyle Macdonald

Do you think you have 20/20 musical vision? Here’s how to find out.

You know what it’s like when you’re straining to sight-read a score during rehearsal: “is that five or six sharps” and “wait, are we still in tenor clef?” (And don't even get us started on ledger lines.)

Musical illustrator Josh Wells of Odd Quartet has turned all the challenges of sight-reading into a fiendish eye-test poster. (nb the actual poster is much bigger than the image below…)

Sightreading by the Odd Quartet
Sightreading by the Odd Quartet. Picture: Odd Quartet

Josh suggests the average musician should be able to read line six without strain, and all you conductors and répétiteurs should be able make it to line eight. So let us know how you got on.

If you want a copy of this chart to hang on your wall and take the test in real life, you can get a copy here.