Saturday Night Live sketch accurately roasts choirs and their outfits

29 October 2019, 19:53

By Kyle Macdonald

Awkward choral gowns, tuxedos and cassocks are all expertly called out in NBC’s Saturday comedy sketch show.

Whether you’re part of a school glee club, community choir, choral society or church choir, you’ll know all about the idiosyncrasies of choral attire.

From expansive, formless dresses, to inexplicably dazzling waistcoat and bow-tie combos, choir fashion has quite a bit to answer for.

The cast of Saturday Night Live – the much-loved US weekend sketch show – took a step away from their familiar political mockery, and instead offered up some sartorial satire, aimed at singers everywhere.

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‘Dazzle Designs, your premiere source of show choir attire’ is presented by SNL regulars, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon and explores choral clothing ranges from ‘Amish Bat Mitzvah’ to the ‘22-piece tuxedo ensemble’ – along with a few perfectly timed nods to Handel and other SATB staples.

We’ll let them explain all, but we reckon as choral comedy goes, this is sharper than the soprano section’s top A.

Watch the full video below: