9 times people had literally no patience for their musical neighbours

6 November 2017, 17:03

“As much as we like musical theatre, could you please stop”

These are the some of the best passive-aggressive notes from people who just couldn’t handle their muso neighbours...

1. When this guy’s neighbour wouldn’t stop singing Defying Gravity, so he sent him this hilarious note


2. When these neighbours tried to be nice to Number 6, but it didn’t *really* come across

Musical neighbour note


3. When these guys went for the full-on passive-aggressive approach – and totally won

“This is exceptionally rad at 3.30 in the morning”

Bass speakers neighbour note


4. When this poor flautist’s talent was seriously taken for granted by their neighbour, who had absolutely zero chill


Funny flute neighbour note


5. When this guy’s falsetto skills challenged his neighbours’ eardrums...


6. When this neighbour had literally no tolerance for Christmas music in March

Funny neighbours Christmas music note


7. When the most offensive part of this guitarist’s tuning noises was that his ‘E’ matched the note of his neighbour’s ringtone


8. These neighbours, who refused to appreciate next door’s clearly inferior taste in music

“Until you start to appreciate real music…”

Censored neighbours music note 

(See the uncensored version here)


9. But then, when this lovely neighbour made up for all the negativity with a humble request for some Franz Liszt

Sweet musical neighbour request