We used FaceApp to put makeup on composers, and they all look incredible

22 June 2020, 18:00 | Updated: 22 June 2020, 19:39

Composer make up
Composer make up. Picture: Getty

By Kyle Macdonald

With a little help from some popular selfie apps, behold: classical music’s glammed-up greats, who have swapped their manuscripts for makeup brushes, and coated the concealer before taking to the concerto. And don’t they look sensational for it?

  1. Ludwig van Bae-thoven

    With blusher like that and lips that pop perfectly with his cravat, there’s no need for that sonata you’re penning to be so solemn, Ludwig.

    Beethoven with makeup
    Beethoven with makeup. Picture: Getty
  2. Beautiful Brahms

    His first symphony may have taken 21 years to write, but this creation was just a two-minute touch of blusher and lippy in the morning. And what a masterpiece.

    Brahms with makeup
    Brahms with makeup. Picture: Getty
  3. Joseph, where have you been Haydn?

    With this look, the father of the classical symphony is certainly standing out in the Austro-Hungarian crowd.

    Joesph Haydn
    Joesph Haydn with makeup. Picture: Getty
  4. The must-have Gustav look...

    With the alpine wind in his hair, a delicate touch of blusher completes Mahler’s uncharacteristically understated profile. When it comes to fashion, he takes his own Lied.

    Gustav Mahler with makeup
    Gustav Mahler with makeup. Picture: Getty
  5. Clara, looking fab from concert-head... to concerto

    The 19th century’s great composer and virtuoso, ready for a night on the Leipzig town.

    Clara Schumann with makeup
    Clara Schumann with makeup. Picture: Getty
  6. Bringing sexy Bach

    A little shading around the eyes, and some lipstick for the perfect Partita pout.

    Bach with makeup
    Bach with makeup. Picture: Getty
  7. A look for all Seasons

    Watch out Venice, the violin virtuoso is also a dab hand with the eye brush. You look incredible, Antonio Vivaldi!

    Vivaldi with makeup
    Vivaldi with makeup. Picture: Getty
  8. Wolfgang Amadeus Moz–work–of–art

    Così GLAM tutte. Doesn’t our Wolfie look fab?

    Mozart with makeup
    Mozart with makeup. Picture: Getty