Everything in classical music explained with Disney gifs

30 September 2016, 14:14 | Updated: 11 January 2017, 14:26

disney gifs

There's a Disney gif for every moment in your musical life, from performance directions to music theory to the great composers. Here they all are...

The complete works of Tchaikovsky


Your first ever contemporary classical music concert


When the Tristan chord finally resolves


The premiere of Stravinsky's Rite Of Spring


Con sordino


Mahler 8


Entry of a fugal countersubject


Genre fusion


When your singing rival does their recital


The complete works of Gershwin


Berio's Sinfonia in relation to Mahler


First time singing with a new choir


When you realise you're in the same scratch orchestra as your BFF


Mozart's early works




When your desk partner has the solo


How conductors view themselves


Reading a Messaien score


When the dominant doesn't resolve to the tonic


The complete works of Stockhausen