Alfred Schnittke basically has the greatest gravestone ever

7 August 2018, 09:55 | Updated: 7 August 2018, 09:56

The Russian composer has the best, geekiest gravestone we’ve ever seen.

Alfred Schnittke was a Soviet and German composer, who is known for his monumental Symphony No. 1 (1969 – 1972) and his first concerto grosso (1977). He also composed the score to John Neumeier’s ballet based on Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt.

Crucially, his gravestone is this piece of genius artwork:

Alfred Schnittke gravestone


So it’s like a very loud, calm rest.

Get it?! A fermata over a rest, over a fortississimo. Whoever ends up planning our funeral* should note that we will be needing one of these.

*in a really nice, non-morbid way