Baroque Moments: Amadeus Guitar Duo

Amadeus Guitar Duo - Chaconne


Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 13 July 2015, after 6pm.

The Amadeus Guitar Duo - made up of Canadian Dale Kavanagh and German Thomas Kirchhoff - have recently notched up their 25th year as one of the outstanding international guitar partnerships. The pair perform more than 80 concerts annually. 

For an album of Baroque moments, expect the usual suspects: Handel, Vivaldi and J.S.Bach are all well represented, often with pieces originally composed for piano and transcribed for guitars. But there’s also a treat at the end in the form of the tender 16th century love song by Hassler, Mein Geist ist mir verwirret, arranged by Bach and featured in both the St. Matthew Passion and the Christmas Oratorio

An album of exuberant, virtuoso playing with a warm, approachable sound, and all at an excellent budget price.