Eric Whitacre on critics and McDonald's

In an interview with Nick Ferrari, to be broadcast on Classic FM tomorrow, Eric Whitacre speaks out against music critics who dismiss ‘popular’ classical music.

The American composer tells Nick:

“There is a certain kind of critic that thinks of the terms ‘populist’ and ‘popular’ and ‘engaging’ as derogatory terms. For me those are huge compliments. My whole goal when I’m writing music is to communicate with people.”

Eric Whitacre is aiming to engage people around the world with his music and to smash the record for the World’s Largest Online Choir with his latest project. He is appealing for singers of all levels to submit YouTube clips of his much-loved masterpiece, Sleep.

On The Classic FM Interview, Whitacre also tells Nick Ferrari about his first taste of stardom: an appearance on a commercial for McDonald's when he was 12 years old!