Avi Avital: Vivaldi

Avi Avital - Vivaldi (Trailer)


Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 30 March 2015, after 6pm

This new release from the extraordinary Israeli-born mandolin player Avi Avital includes pieces by Vivaldi, either in transcriptions made for the mandolin of works originally written for other instruments, or pieces that were written for the mandolin itself.

Avital approaches Vivaldi's music as if it were classic rock, and at times it does feel like his mandolin might just burst into flames. It's thrilling stuff – and even the album's packaging reinforces the rock'n'roll character of Vivaldi and Avital himself with numerous photos of the musician posturing handsomely around Venice.

Listen out for a special appearance by superstar tenor Juan Diego Flórez on the traditional gondolier's song which ends the album with immense style and heart.