Fire the cannon in Tchaikovsky's ear-bursting 1812 (the game)

This brilliant new game allows you to unleash your inner percussionist by bashing your keyboard to the greatest finale of all.

Ever wanted to be in the percussion section of an orchestra for the epic final bars of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture? Who wouldn't? All those firing cannons, thundering drums and crashing cymbals are just fantastic. Not to mention the full orchestra and rapturous audience in front of you. 

The viral news site Us vs Th3m has created a game that lets you control the greatest percussive cacophony in music history. Hit your computer's 'L' key to crash the cymbals, and 'A' to fire the all-important cannon. You're even scored on your ability to do it all in time.

So, earplugs in, and eyes on the conductor - the finale's about to begin... Start the game by clicking on the image below.

1812 Overture Game

After you've played, share your score with us. You never know, we might be in need of your skills during the firework finale at the next Classic FM Live.

But as you see, we didn't do too well...

1812 score