StarCraft II

Glenn Stafford's soundtrack for the popular video game sequel from 2010 is more evidence that video game music is here to stay

Star Craft has become a gaming phenomenon across the world – so getting the gig of composing the soundtrack is a pretty important job.

Impressively, Star Craft has become a bona-fide live sport in some countries. South Korea in particular has taken this tale of interstellar combat to its heart, but there are worldwide events where enthusiasts gather together in stadia to compete against each other.

With such a popular game, however, must come a soundtrack to match it. Glenn Stafford's music for this cultural behemoth is a bombastic exploration of the orchestra and, though he does delve into the world of electric guitars and more overtly modern sounds, the sound is far more in-line with a Hollywood blockbuster than a heavy metal album. It's bracing, exciting stuff and, crucially, has a huge and dedicated listenership.