Bernstein's 'The Masque' is now a majestic piano and percussion multitrack

29 November 2017, 15:23 | Updated: 27 June 2018, 14:58

Enjoy some of the 20th century's most iconic pieces as you've never heard them before: in epic multi-track arrangements.

Pianist, conductor and all-round muso Frank Dupree likes to rework some of classical music's greatest tunes in elaborate piano and percussion multi-tracks. He calls it the #PianoPulseProject. 

His latest video is a keyboard and drums extravaganza based on Leonard Bernstein's 'The Masque' from his Symphony No. 2: The Age of Anxiety, and it's arrived just in time for the composer's centenary celebrations.

Previously, Frank set about orchestrating Ravel's Bolero for no fewer than 10 pianos. he begins with that famous snare drum ostinato tapped on the body of a grand piano, adding more instruments as Ravel's epic piece unfolds.

It's part of what the pianist calls his Piano Pulse Project. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for more. 

And here's some bonus Brahms, featuring (just the one) Frank Dupree and violist Timothy Ridout at the Wimbledon International Music Festival 2017.