Man dressed as Mozart gatecrashes Super Bowl media day

28 January 2014, 17:23 | Updated: 28 January 2014, 17:24

An Austrian television presenter has surprised the media in the run-up to Sunday's Super Bowl American Football match by dressing up as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

According to USA Today, the presenter is Phillip Hajszan has been working at the media day, conducting interviews with major sporting personalities while in full Mozartian get-up.

Many people have apparently mistaken him for Benjamin Franklin, among others. Hajszan commented earlier: "That is what people keep saying. I say, no, I’m Mozart, Mozart, Mozart."

He also said that "Super Bowl media day is the perfect time to celebrate Mozart. This week would have been his 258th birthday."

Reports on Twitter have also seen people mistake the presenter for George Washington and 80s pop singer Falco. Sports reporter Jesse Spector posted a photo of Hajszan on Twitter and managed to interview him, where he said: "Austria is the inspiration of the outfit… that was the reason behind it, to bring something special to the media day."

The news comes after Renée Fleming was announced as the performer of the American national anthem at the opening of the game itself, which will take place on Sunday.