The Nash Ensemble are Near Faultless

An exquisite performance by the Nash Ensemble.

Composer: Mozart
Repertoire: Piano Quartets Nos 1 & 2
Artists: The Nash Ensemble
Rating: 4/5

Genre: Instrumental
Label: ASV Gold GLD 4015

These are the first masterpieces written for piano, violin, viola and cello: a combination taken up, if hardly popularised, by Schumann, Brahms and others. No.1 is full of good things, from the first movement’s stark opening and the rhythmically dislocated second subject to the harmonic surprise at the end of the Finale. The Nash Ensemble is faultless in the outer movements - all the passion and wit is there – but perhaps too slow in the Andante. No.2 is a more serene piece and just as loveable; the exchanges between piano and strings, and between violin and viola, are gracefully done. Excellent