Mozart Symphonies short but sweet

Adam Fischer leads the Danish National Chamber Orchestra to a bold and articulate performance of Mozart's Symphonies

Composer: Mozart
Repertoire: Symphonies, Vol.4
Artists: Danish National Chamber Orchestra/Fischer
Rating:  4/5
Genre: Chamber
Label: Da Capo 6.220539

There are now so many recorded approaches to Mozart’s symphonies, from Karajan’s plushly upholstered ‘big band’ to Trevor Pinnock’s period-instrument litheness, that it is difficult for the poor collector to know where to start. In many ways, Adam Fischer provides the best of both worlds by adopting chamber-scale finesse and authentic good manners but with modern instruments. The bold yet articulate engineering also does a splendid job of recreating the ballroom ambience in which these pieces would often have been played. The less than generous playing time is compensated for by the invigorating quality of the performances.