Video: Pittsburgh Symphony auditions barking dogs

16 May 2014, 12:05 | Updated: 16 May 2014, 12:39

A group of dogs were put through their paces at an audition for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, to determine which would take part in a performance of Leopold Mozart's Hunt Symphony.

The piece features a horn-heavy section supposedly evoking a hunting scene complete with dog barks. To achieve the effect, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will be using real dogs, required to bark on command at the appropriate moment.

Conductor Fawzi Haimor was in charge of auditioning the ten different dogs and five of them will get the chance to perform with the orchestra. The rest (apart from one who completely refused to bark on command) will be reserves. 

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Speaking about what he was looking for in a dog musician, the conductor commented: "Each dog has to have its own unique sound." He was joined on the judging panel by horn players from the orchestra and local representatives from the Animal Rescue League.

The finalists were chosen after the orchestra asked for submissions via YouTube.

During the piece, the dogs are required to bark during a horn solo section (the piece uses four horn soloists). Other oddities required to perform the inventive Mozart piece include pistols, included to further create the atmosphere of a countryside hunt.