Sven Helbig in our Wednesday Web Chat

6 August 2013, 15:32 | Updated: 6 August 2013, 15:34

German composer and pocket symphonist Sven Helbig joins us for a web chat - ask him about working with the Pet Shop Boys and Snoop Dogg, or perhaps get some insight into his fantastic new album, Pocket Symphonies.

CVs don't come much more varied than Sven Helbig's. Over his astonishing career, he's not only established the Dresden Symphony Orchestra, but he's also worked variously as producer or arranger with the Pet Shop Boys, Snoop Dogg and metal legends Rammstein.

But now, he's turning the focus back to his own music - his very own Pocket Symphonies. The album is made up of 12 short pieces, each a Pocket Symphony, described by Helbig as "twelve snapshots of a lonesome soul ending a day, twelve evening moods in different colours - between hunger for life and contemplating mortality."

Join us at 9am on Wednesday August 7th for the web chat, and submit your own questions for Sven in the Facebook comments below.

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