Delightful Dvořák played with empathy

Dvořák's Piano Quartets are loving played by Czech ensemble Vlach Quartet Prague with Helena Suchárová-Weiser on piano

Composer: Dvořák
Repertoire: Piano Quartets
Artists: Members of Vlach Quartet Prague, Helena Suchárová-Weiser (piano)
Rating:  4/5
Genre: Instrumental
Label: Naxos 8.572159

Dvořák‘s piano quartets could almost define ‘irresistible’: filled with inspiration; their ‘Czechness’ integrated ideally with classical structures; the balance of strings and piano ideally conceived; the energy never flagging. The E flat is the better-known, but that’s not to denigrate the charm of the D major. And here they are played by musicians who empathise with every note. This Czech ensemble fills the music with airy rhythmic drive, balancing attack and lightness, melting into the soulful slow movements as well as the nostalgic ache that surfaces so often. Moments of imperfect intonation don’t interfere with overall loveliness.