This pianist composed a scherzo in the style of Chopin and it’s staggeringly good

14 July 2017, 14:31

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

This imitation Chopin piece is so good, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the real thing.

Edoardo Brotto is an Italian pianist whose speciality is writing and improvising music in the style of great composers. And his new ‘scherzo’ in the style of Frederic Chopin is completely beautiful.

A scherzo is usually a light-hearted piece (though not always), which refers to the third or fourth movement in a larger work, replacing the traditional minuet. Chopin's Scherzo No.1 in B minor for piano is considered to be one of his most difficult works to play, and actually bears a lot of similarities to this pianist's new composition.

“What gives me satisfaction,” Edoardo writes in a comment on his YouTube channel, “is managing to create something that sounds ‘exactly’ like Chopin.

“[However], there is always something that won’t be exactly right, that Chopin would have done differently or more elegantly. Also, I have never studied composition, so all I can do is make sure the end product is ‘a la Chopin’.”

Find more of Edoardo’s videos on YouTube!