Airport pianist stuns passengers with Beethoven medley: video

12 August 2014, 11:27 | Updated: 2 October 2014, 17:06

A passenger waiting for a flight at Prague's Václav airport surprised his fellow passengers in the departure lounge by playing an epic medley of variations on Beethoven's Für Elise.

Maan Hamadeh, who was waiting to board a flight in the Czech airport, entertained the other waiting passengers in his departure lounge by playing the famous Beethoven piano sonata movement in a variety of different styles.

He followed it up with a similar treatment of James Horner's theme from Titanic (best known for Celine Dion's theme song, 'My Heart Will Go On'). 

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The video has been a huge online hit, with over three million views on YouTube alone.

The assembled crowd, several of whom were filming the performance, gave Hamadeh a rapturous reception when he was finished. Someone needs to tune that piano, though.