Rudolphe Kreutzer (1766-1831): Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata

Rudolphe Kreutzer and Beethoven may never have been great friends, but the celebrated violinist clearly made an impression on the composer as he dedicated his greatest Violin Sonata to him.

Europe's most celebrated violinist, Rudolphe Kreutzer had met Beethoven in Vienna in 1798. There is no evidence that they performed, or even played, together, nor that they became particularly good friends.

Beethoven famously dedicated his greatest Violin Sonata to Kreutzer, after withdrawing it from George Bridgetower who had given it its first performance.

Kreutzer, on receiving the manuscript in Paris, declared it unplayable - and never once performed the sonata that today bears his name: the Kreutzer Sonata.