Bach: Alles mit Gott - Gardiner

Bach's lost aria 'Alles mit Gott' gets a rare outing on this charming sung and ravishingly played performance under John Eliot Gardiner

Composer: Bach
Repertoire: Alles mit Gott
Artists: Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists/John Eliot Gardiner
Rating:  3/5 
Genre: Vocal
Label: Soli Deo Gloria SDG114

This is an exciting find: a hitherto unknown aria by Bach, discovered only last June in a German library. Composed in 1713, it’s a setting of a birthday poem for Bach’s employer at the ducal court of Weimar. Each stanza starts and ends with the duke’s motto, ‘All things with God, and naught without Him’. It’s charmingly sung here by Elin Manahan Thomas, and ravishingly played by the solo strings of the EBS. The rest of the disc consists of excerpts from Gardiner’s cantata pilgrimage.