New Piano Guys video: a spectacular mix of Beethoven, Dave Matthews Band - and a scary drone

The viral video specialists have been at it again - this time in a spectacular amphitheatre in the Utah desert. There will be Beethoven's Ode to Joy, 90s rock, electric cellos and an octocopter.

It's another classical/rock mash-up in the latest offering from The Piano Guys, released overnight. American rock group Dave Matthews Band and Beethoven's most famous anthem collide in a new video recorded in an outdoor arena among the canyons of Utah.

The group has now amassed over half-a-billion YouTube views with their high-production arrangements in striking locations. 

In this new video, there's a piano and twice the usual quota of cellos. All of it was recorded in just one take - and it's pretty cool.

Here's the setting - the Tuacahn amphitheatre in Padre Canyon, Utah, at night. Sensational. 

It's a percussive opening with the quartet darting between the instruments. Features a piano stool twirl and a fist-bump. 

As the music heats up a tambourine appears. Nice catch here. 

Electric cellos blazing, we hear the theme to Ode to Joy. There's some pretty extravagant lighting as one cellist almost comes a cropper in his final cadence dance move.

The production team really pulled out all the stops - even employing this drone to catch a view from above.  

See pianos, cellos, Beethoven and slightly creepy futuristic flying camera come together (in one take):