The Piano Guys: the best viral videos from the amazing duo

25 June 2014, 19:44 | Updated: 24 December 2015, 11:13

A piano, a cello, inventive arrangements, and almost half a billion views on YouTube. Here's our tour of the best of the viral superstars from Utah.

The Christmas Guys!

Cello, piano and the modal seasonal classic. Here the dynamic duo are feeling all festive, lyrically bashing out that perennial advent carol O Come, Emmanuel. Just lovely. 

Placido Domingo helps out

Well, if you're doing 'Silent Night', you need a singer, right? It's testament to the Piano Guys' pulling power that they managed to snare the great tenor, and don't they all do a great job?

A tribute to Jurassic Park

This is how you turn John Williams’ music into a truly beautiful cello sonata. And no-one got eaten by a dinosaur, so win-win all round.


The Pachelbel Guys

Baroque composer's famous Canon is the staple of any wedding sting quartet. As beautiful as the final result is, that repeated bassline can do the player's head in. Here, thanks to the Cello Guy, the piece gets a magnificent, jazzy, reboot. Unsurprisingly it all takes place as the bride walks down the aisle. But there's crowd surfing at the end.  

The One (Direction) Piano Guys

Plucking and thumping their way through, and occasionally confusing the piano for a cello. Unsurprisingly it's their most watched video. It does have One Direction in the title, after all.

The Cello Guy

The group's cellist proves that he can pretty much do it all himself. Here's his pizzicato-and-beats multitracked extravaganza based on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. (Features running with a cello: don't try this at home.)

The Christmas Guys 2

Who can resist a seasonal viral video? It all gets very Christmassy as four guys dismantle a piano to Angels We Have Heard on High. Lovely and festive and definitely one for the Winter YouTube playlist, but the lack of Christmas jumpers is to be lamented.

The Awesome Video Production Guys

As you've no doubt seen by now, The Piano Guys do video production and stunning scenery very, very well. Sit back for this audio and cinematic feast in their arrangement of Phillip Phillips' Home.

The, guys, this is just amazing...

Finally, and (yes, we're calling it) most beautifully, and arrangement of Bring Him Home from Les Misérables. And if that lilting cello melody wasn't gentle enough, the video has a waterfall. It's enough to make you slump over your keyboard into a glorious, peaceful slumber.