Nicola Benedetti on beating Bieber and her chart success

Violinist Nicola Benedetti has been hitting the headlines with her new album 'The Silver Violin' - she talks to Classic FM about the album's huge success.

It might not have been top of her list of priorities when she was recording her new album, 'The Silver Violin', but Nicola Benedetti has dislodged the likes of Justin Bieber in the UK album charts.

Talking to Classic FM's Tim Lihoreau, she explained the background behind the big-selling record, from its humble beginnings as a tribute to Korngold, through to its realisation as a fully-fledged film music extravaganza.

Along the way she chats about Heifetz, Scorcese and making the violin popular, as well as the idea that Justin Bieber fans might be listening to her album: "I'm imagining these people listening to Korngold and Shostakovich, and that makes me very happy!"

Listen to our interview with Nicola here.