Pavarotti lookalike refused bank card

6 August 2012, 09:37 | Updated: 6 August 2012, 10:08

A professional Pavarotti lookalike has been refused a bank card because he looks too similar to the star – looks like he’ll need to borrow a tenor or two…

A Luciano Pavarotti lookalike was refused a personalised bank card because he looked too much like the opera star. Colin Miller has worked as a lookalike for the past 20 years but was told photos of celebrities were not allowed when he applied for his photo card.

Miller applied with the picture he uses on his business cards, but was surprised to receive a blank card in the post. His branch of Barclays was concerned about copyright issues, presuming Miller had used a picture of the opera singer without permission.

He said: “I don’t try to look like him. I have had no cosmetic surgery and I don’t try to do things to myself to look like him. I am being penalised for looking how I do.”

Guidelines issued by Barclays state the image chosen for bank cards must not contain images of celebrities, musicians, sports stars, or any other famous people. The bank has now apologised, and issued Miller with a new card.

Miller has featured in adverts across the world. You can watch one of his ad campaigns below.