LSO Launches Student Smartphone App

As part of the expansion of its student scheme, LSO Pulse, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) has announced the launch of a smartphone app. The Pulse scheme currently allows students to buy discounted tickets as well accruing loyalty points which help towards winning a trip to see the LSO play in Paris.

Developed by mobile marketing company Kodime, the app will offer subscribers additional points if they recruit friends by recommending events via social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Speaking of the scheme, the LSO’s digital marketing manager Jo Johnson said: “We’re basically wanting as many students as possible to take part in what was once our Student Ambassador scheme.” 

She continued: “The way that it’s been created allows us to test the process of ticketing via mobile phones and barcode ticketing. Not many arts organisations are doing mobile ticketing, for various reasons, but the Barbican Centre is looking at bringing it in – they’re using us as their guinea pig.” 

Created thanks to a joint funding package from Arts Council England, the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts, the app’s development work will be made available to other orchestras and concert halls with the intention of widening mobile ticketing opportunities.