Tim's Terrific 2012 Teaser

Feeling glum after Christmas? Not sure what to do with yourself now the family have all left? Never fear, Tim Lihoreau is here with the most puzzling of questions to stretch your brain cells and keep you occupied well into the new year - and there's a fantastic prize, of course!

We're keen to see the year out with a bang here at Classic FM, so while you've got a little more time on your hands during the festive period, we've compiled a selection of eye-wateringly tricky classical music questions to keep you entertained and keep the Christmas spirit flowing.

We know it's the taking part that counts, but we couldn't resist offering you a fantastic prize to help you kick off 2013 in style. We're offering one lucky winner a year's supply of music - that's a copy of John Suchet's album of the week, once a week, every week until the start of 2014!

You'll find many of the answers around the site, or in the Classic FM Quiz Book, written by quiz masters Tim Lihoreau and Darren Henley. So even if you don't feel like exercising your body just yet, settle down in an armchair, get your thinking caps on, and give your mind a healthy (not to mention enjoyable) work out.

As a bit of fun, we've added a bonus round at the end where you can complete the middle two lines of our Classic FM themed limerick... so get creative, and if we're suitably tickled by your answers you might even get a mention on air!