Predict the Hall Of Fame composers and win 3,000 iTunes songs

It’s one of our biggest music giveaways ever. Can you name the composers that will feature in this year’s Hall Of Fame top ten?

With the Hall Of Fame fast approaching, we thought we’d have a little fun ahead of the big countdown. Having received so many votes again this year, and with many already debating the look of the chart, we wondered whether someone could predict the shape of this year’s top ten? Could you use 3,000 brand new songs? Now’s your opportunity.

In the event of no one getting it right, we’ve a consolation prize of 1,000 iTunes songs for the nearest correct answer, and twenty prizes of 100 iTunes codes awarded to twenty entrants drawn at random. Please note that the iTunes codes will expire on 22 June, 2013.

To help a little, we’ve included links to previous charts on the right (how good are you at spotting trends?), and we’ll mention that all of the composers in the top ten have featured (somewhere!) in previous Hall Of Fames.

So… best of luck with your guesses, and don’t forget to join us as we reveal the 2013 Hall Of Fame from 9am on Good Friday.