Land of Hope and Glory

There is something very inspiring about British Festival Music, simply because many pieces were composed for celebration.

The unique arrangements available within this book allow a pianist to capture the essence and occasion of those rousing orchestral works. My highlights include Rule Britannia (Arne), Jerusalem (Parry), and I vow to thee my country (Holst). Once you’ve mastered the pieces, why not get some friends over for a sing-along?!

John Brunning, Classic FM


Crown Imperial (Walton)

I Vow To Thee, My Country from The Planets Suite (Holst)*

Rule Britannia (Arne)

Nimrod from the ‘Enigma’ Variations Op. 36 (Elgar)

Orb and Sceptre (Walton)

I Was Glad (Parry)

Knightsbridge March from the London Suite (Coates)

Jerusalem (Parry)

Drake’s Drum from Songs of the Sea (Stanford)

The Old Superb from Songs of the Sea (Stanford)

Fantasia on British Sea Songs (Wood)

Pomp and Circumstance Op.39, March No. 1 (Elgar)**

*Arranged by Pam Wedgwood
**Arranged by Peter Gritton

Land of Hope and Glory is not affiliated with the Associated Board grade system but as a guide, it is aimed at anyone who is around grades 4 to 6.


The Classic FM Full Works album, Land of Hope and Glory, (CFMFW070) is available now exclusively from HMV.


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