Getting Started on the Piano

The piano is undoubtedly central to the development of music as we know it today, from the works of classical composers such as Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven, through to the more modern jazz, rock and pop genres. It is such a versatile instrument.

If you have always wanted to play piano, or played a long time ago and regret having given it up, this book is a wonderful companion to get you started or restarted. It is carefully progressive, breaking the learning process into bite-size, manageable chunks; gives plenty of chances for review; develops general musical skills; puts your learning into context with information on the great pianists and composers; and provides recommended listening. And although it's always advisable to find a good teacher, you can work through this tutor alone, helped by the interactive CD.

Wishing you the best of luck as you start your journey on the piano, and many hours of enjoyment along the way.

John Brunning, Classic FM

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