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Charting The Classics

Charting The ClassicsIn this fun and light-hearted book, see the world of classical music as it’s never been seen before. 
Using flow charts, pie charts, Venn diagrams, checklists, graphs and other ingenious graphics, the Classic FM team have neatly represented Britain’s favourite pieces of classical music, musicians and composers, along with insights on orchestras, concert etiquette, and much more, in nearly 100 simple and amusing images. 

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50 Moments That Rocked The Classical Music World

50 Moments That Rocked The Classical Music World 350 Moments That Rocked The Classical Music World celebrates the key events that have shaped the way we play and listen to classical music today.
Although selecting the TOP 50 moments is a subjective task, the authors have vividly brought to life some of the most exciting and pivotal occasions that can be seen as real game changers over the past 1000 years of classical music history.

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Craig Ogden - Summer Guitar

Craig Ogden - Summer GuitarA collection of beautiful music brought together for the first time, especially for you.  

Featuring great arrangements of hits by The Beatles (Here Comes the Sun) and Sting (Fields of Gold), alongside essential tracks by Einaudi, Bizet and Gershwin. If that wasn't enough we also have original pieces from our very own John Brunning and Craig Ogden himself!
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Ji Liu - Piano ReflectionsJi Liu is the biggest selling classical debut artist of the year so far! Ji's album Piano Reflections showcases his exceptional talent and features brand new recordings of the most beautiful piano classics of all time.
Available for just £5 from Amazon and iTunes (limited time only)

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Hall of Fame 2014

Hall of Fame 2014The Classic FM Hall of Fame is the world’s biggest annual survey of classical music tastes. Every year thousands of our listeners tell us their top three pieces of classical music, and then across each Easter weekend we spend four days counting down the world’s greatest music.

This year's chart has been revealed, and it’s safe to say it was packed full of some fantastic music! To celebrate we've compiled a brilliant compilation album featuring some of the best bits. 

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