Holst - Planets

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Holst’s Planets is about Mars, the bringer of war; Venus, the bringer of peace; Mercury, the winged messenger; Jupiter, the bringer of jollity; Saturn the bringer of old age; Uranus, the magician; and Neptune, the mystic.

Holst had managed to finish his much-pondered suite – it had been in his mind for some time – by 1916, by which time the First World War made all thoughts of a performance impractical. However, in the war’s closing days, and in between his own personal war efforts, he was granted the use of the great Queen’s Hall in London, as a gift from a friend. He immediately commandeered the twenty-nine-year-old Adrian Boult to conduct his new suite.


Download Holst Planets from iTunes now for only £4.99>


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