50 Opera Classics

Enjoy 50 of the greatest tunes to appear in opera. Available from iTunes now for just £4.99

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Say the word opera to many people who are new to classical music and they automatically imagine a woman belting out a tune in a dress that looks as though it took her three hours to put on. Other preconceptions about opera include a fear that it’s completely impenetrable and a concern that it lasts for hours on end.


Thankfully opera is far more accessible than any of those misguided conceptions would suggest. The term relates to a piece of music with an accompanying libretto, which is performed on the stage. Some of classical music’s best and most famous tunes can be found in opera.


This album features some of the best operatic pieces to ever appear on stage. Enjoy pieces from Carmen by Bizet, Madama Butterfly by Puccini, Samson and Delilah by Saint-Saens and Aida by Verdi.


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Download 50 Opera Classics now >