Classic FM: Fine Wines and Film

Can a wine compliment a film? Classic FM Wine explores the perfect wine and film pairings to celebrate A Night at the Movies

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One of the great pleasures in life is settling down after a long hard day at work with a good bottle of Classic FM Wine and a cracking film. This naturally got us thinking about the films we watch and if a certain film can partner a certain variety of wine and vice versa. To celebrate the release of our 3-disk CD box set, A Night at the Movies , which features music from 50 iconic movies, we matched some characteristics together to create the perfect partnership. Here are four classic genres that have been perfectly paired with four classic wines.

Enjoy a Horror with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon

We’d pair a horror flick with the big daddy of the red wine world, Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s produced in big quantities but the quality varies from region to region and style to style. This is very much like a horror film; you get big budget frighteners and low budget snooze-fests. Cabernet Sauvignon has tough, thick skin and taste of deep, ripe blackcurrants. Horror movie buffs need tough skin too, so as not to jump out of it.

Laugh along with a Comedy, while enjoying a Pinot Grigio

Who doesn’t love a good comedy? Just like a Pinot Grigio, it’s feel-good, it’s easy to digest and it’s great to enjoy with friends. Share with the people who make you laugh out loud, whilst playing something upbeat from your copy of A Night at the Movies. Whether you’re enjoying a classic (Italy) or a modern take (Australia) it’s sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face.

Get your kicks with an Action flick, while sipping on a Merlot

This one is all about teamwork; working together is a key element in a lot of action movies, so what better grape to pair it with than Merlot – the grape that can go it alone or combine forces with friends alike to form a formidable partnership. Merlot alone makes a wine to rival any other but when you combine it with Shiraz, Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon, it really does take on a world of its own.

Curl up on the sofa with a Romance and a soft Pinot Noir!

Everyone needs a little romance in their lives, and if done right a Pinot Noir has a glut of soft and subtle flavours, a soft and juicy texture and a rich complexity (hence why it garners some of the highest prices). It also happens to be one of the three permitted grapes used to make Champagne, the ultimate experience in luxurious drinking. Whether you share yours with a Significant Other, or ogle Hugh Grant solo, a soft Pinot Noir and the music of cinema’s classic romances are sure to make you feel all warm inside.

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