Brought together by Classic FM Romance - after 46 years apart

Fate took its time, but now it's finally Alan and his partner together after nearly five decades apart.

CFM Romance - Alan - 46 years apart

In the John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale movie Serendipity , two soul-mates meet but are immediately separated by chance. Years later, chance brings them together again and... well we won't spoil the ending. 

Just to say, Classic FM Romance now has its own version of this story in this touching thank you note sent to us by Alan:

“Thank you for the service that you have provided. I am delighted to inform you that I have met the person of my dreams. Fate plays a significant role in almost all of our lives and I am a true believer in its outcomes. 

"The person that I have met, or perhaps better described as re-met, we knew each other back in 1970 - yes 46 years ago. At that time we were both married and raising our families, but as time intervened our paths led us in different directions until in April of this year we were reacquainted by your website. 

"It is now four months since our first meeting and I am as stated, delighted that we have so much in common and believe that although in our mid to late 70s, our new found happiness will last us for the rest of our lives.”

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