Mozart: The Singles

'Mozart: The Singles' is the brand new album featuring 66 of Mozart’s best-loved pieces to celebrate his 225th anniversary.

mozart the singles

Mozart The Singles

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In celebration of Mozart's 225th anniversary, Classic FM is proud to present 'Mozart: The Singles' including 66 of Mozart’s greatest works. This ultimate 3-CD collection features an unrivalled catalogue of performers, including André Rieu, Joshua Bell, Lang Lang and many more.


Each track, under four minutes long, is truly memorable and sing-able, and is sequenced to frame your day. CD1 centres around tracks to wake you up; the second CD is uplifting while you’re on the go, while the third CD relaxes you into the final part of the day. This album is a genuinely fresh curation that blends the greatest performances of Mozart’s best-loved pieces alongside some lesser-known jewels including Mozart's first pieces written at the age of 5. 


Released on 28th October, Mozart: The Singles will provide you with hours of pleasurable listening making it the perfect addition to your classical music collection.

mozart the singles


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About Mozart

Johannes Chrystostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart (1756–1791) was arguably the most gifted musician in classical music history, composing pieces from a young age and becoming such an influential historic figure. He performed across Europe as a child prodigy and wrote a vast collection of pieces in his short lifetime, amassing to over 600, in just 35 years.

mozart and constanze weber He worked assiduously, not only to become the great composer he was, but also a conductor, virtuoso pianist, organist and violinist. Mozart's music embraces opera, symphony, concerto, chamber, choral, instrumental and vocal music, revealing an astonishing number of imperishable masterpieces.


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