Movies: The Ultimate Collection

Classic FM presents Movies – The Ultimate Collection, a sensational 3CD compilation packed with over two hours of the greatest movie music ever.

Be taken on a cinematic journey through the most loved themes and pieces from modern film including Star Wars, Ladies in Lavender, Saving Private Ryan and many more.

Whether you're a movie buff or a classical connoisseur, this sensational 3-disc album will take you on an exciting cinematic journey through the most loved themes from modern film.

To listen to tracks and find out more about the music and movies featured on the album, simply click on the buttons below:

Disc 1

The curtains open on disc 1 to some of film's biggest orchestral works, including the toe-tapping theme to Star Wars and the incredibly moving 'Hymn to the Fallen' from Saving Private Ryan.

Disc 2

Escape to a fantasy world of wizardry and superpowers, dinosaurs and special agents in disc 2 and listen to the hauntingly beautiful violin solo from Schindler's List.

Disc 3

A disc that will most certainly raise your heartrate! Embark on a nail-biting journey with Indiana Jones, fly across Metropolis with Superman and re-live the fear of watching Jaws for the first time with one of most terrifying theme tunes ever written.