Listen to Pelican in the Wilderness

Howard Goodall's stunning new album 'Pelican in the Wilderness' is out on 10th May. Listen to excerpts from the CD here...

Pelican in the Wilderness is out now. You can buy your copy now from any of the following retailers:



See the tracklist and listen to samples below:

1. By the waters of Babylon (super flumina - Psalm 137)

2. Pelican in the Wilderness (pellicano solitudinis - Psalm 102)

3. The Lord is my shepherd (pascit me - Psalm 23)

4. O pray for the peace of Jerusalem (rogate pacem - Psalm 122)

5. He shall keep the simple folk (deus judicium - Psalm 72)

6. How lovely are thy dwellings (quam dilecta - Psalm 84)  

7. A good man is merciful (in memoria aeterna - Psalm 111)

8. Thou walkest with me (tu cognovisti - Psalm 139)

9. Out of the deep (de profundis - Psalm 130)

10. Have mercy on me (miserere mei - Psalm 51)

11. Heare, O heare me (in tribulatione - Psalm 4)

12. Though rivers roar (lavaverunt flumina - Psalm 93)

13. Lyke a freshly planted tree (iuxta rivulos aquarum - Psalm 1)