The Brand New Album From Wynne Evans

Classic FM is proud to present Wynne Evans’ brand new album ‘Wynne’ - a collection of rousing songs from one of the UK’s most exciting tenors.

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Wynne Evans is the Welsh opera singer known to millions throughout the UK as the face and voice of and the multi-million pound advertising campaign that has made his character, Gio Compario, a household favourite.


As well as the character that you see almost daily on TV, Wynne is also an extraordinary opera singer in his own right. With years of experience, training and major roles under his belt, his operatic career has grown from strength to strength and he has been described as one of the UK’s leading tenors.


Wynne Evans’ new album is entitled simply ‘Wynne’ and is a collection of his personal favourites.  Released on  21st October, the album features Welsh songs that Wynne grew up with, Neapolitan songs that inspired him at the beginning of his classical training, songs that marked important milestones in his life and even his mother’s favourite song!


Following the success of Wynne Evans’ debut No.1 album, his brand new album Wynne’ is sure to cement his status as a stellar UK tenor.


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Listen to excerpts here:

  1. You Are My Heart's Delight
  2. Nella Fantasia
  3. Myfanwy
  4. The Impossible Dream
  5. Mattinata
  6. My Life Belongs To You
  7. Ave Maria
  8. Shenandoah
  9. My Love is Like A Red, Red Rose
  10. Suo Gân
  11. Canción Turquesa
  12. Santa Lucia