The Big Book Of Classical Music

Lose yourself in the endlessly fascinating world of classical music with this beautiful hardback book. And suggest dates that you think should be in the book.

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Classic FM is proud to present our BIGGEST BOOK EVER. Over 400 pages filled with fascinating classical music milestones, alongside beautiful illustrations. 

The Big Book of Classical Music is a unique chronicle of the genre’s rich history, with a page dedicated to each day of the year. From the premiere of the ‘Eroica’ Symphony on April 7th to the death of Mozart on December 5th, every day reveals a compelling new turn in the story of classical music. 

Ideal for dipping into, this captivating book will entertain throughout the year. Each page is filled with facts, figures and noteworthy events – including biographies of the essential composers, suggested listening for each day, musical quotations and a host of other material. Every reader, no matter how knowledgeable, will light upon something unknown or intriguing in these pages, as the classical music world is brought vividly to life.

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