Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Classical Music...

Classic FM presents 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Classical Music...But Were Too Afraid to Ask'. This beautiful paperback book is sure to immerse you into the magical world of classical music.

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The perfect gift for those looking to discover more about classic music!

Just what exactly is classical music ...why should it be a part of everyone's life? Who are the big names behind the classical hits...and which are the best recordings of their music? What are you supposed to wear to a classical concert...and when on earth are you supposed to applaud?

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Classical Music... But Were Too Afraid to Ask answers these questions and much more.
What better way to celebrate 20 years of Classic FM than to lift the lid on the burning questions that Classic FM listeners have most often asked over the past two decades.

All 200 pages of this book form the ultimate guide to classical music. Everything you ever wanted to know about classical music at your fingertips in this brand new paperback book.


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