Beethoven: The Man Revealed - The Book

The hardback book from Classic FM – Beethoven: The Man Revealed. Written by our very own Beethoven expert, John Suchet.

You know the music, but do you know the man?

Ludwig van Beethoven remains one of the world’s best loved and most influential composers, the creator of such magisterial works as the ‘eroica’, the famous Fifth Symphony, and the emperor Piano Concerto. However, most of us know very little of his tumultuous personal life beyond the fact that he was, famously, the composer who became deaf.

John Suchet has portrayed the real man behind the music in this compelling biography of a musical genius. He illuminates Beethoven’s difficult childhood, his struggle to find a wife, his ungovernable temper, his emotional volatility, his tendency to push away those trying to help him, and in middle age, his obsessive compulsion to control his nephew’s life.

This is not the god-like immortal portrayed in statues and paintings 
in heroic pose garlanded with laurel leaves. Beethoven may have been one of the greatest artists of all time, but he was still a man who had to live among fellow mortals, eat and drink, fall in love, pay his rent.
This is the real Beethoven, and Suchet brings him effortlessly to life.

Here is your chance to read about the real Beethoven. John Suchet argues that, if you know what was going on in Beethoven’s life, you will listen to his music through different ears. Why not put this to the test, read the book and find out.


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