Plant of the Month: Re-Blooming Bearded Iris

Choose from a variety of re-blooming bearded Iris or buy the collection, saving over £64. Plus 10 things you should be doing in the garden this month

CFM Gardening Re blooming iris

A beautiful selection of hardy, drought tolerant bearded Iris with exceptional disease and insect resistance. With the first flowers appearing in spring and a second flush in autumn, these really are outstanding hardy perennials. Perfect for summer borders, these majestic, tall bearded iris flowers have a delicate scent and make impressive cut flowers for a vase indoors. Height: 90cm (36"). Spread: 30cm (12"). Supplied as bare roots.

Collection includes the following varieties: Iris 'Orange Harvest', Iris 'Victoria Falls', Iris 'Cantina', Iris 'Buckwheat’ and Iris 'Pass The Wine'.

Buy 1 bare root for £8.99

Buy the collection 10 Iris bare roots for £24.99 and SAVE £64.91 (Worth £89.90)

Click here to buy your Iris bare roots

Also, don't miss out on the 10 most important jobs to do in the garden this month:

  1. Start the autumn cleanup: empty and clean pots, clear pond weeds, pick off rotting fruits and dispose of diseased plant material.
  2. Start transplanting evergreen conifers, hedging and flowering shrubs. Tall plants need secure staking to give them vital support until new roots have developed.
  3. Carry out essential lawn maintenance to avoid waterlogging. Autumn is also favourable for creating new lawn from turf or seed.
  4. Perennial weeds in the borders can be treated with weedkiller this month.
  5. Plant out your spring cabbages now, but cover with netting to protect from birds.
  6. Try freezing, drying, pickling, and storing your crops so that you can benefit from them during winter.
  7. Start planting autumn onion sets and garlic bulbs for cropping next year.
  8. When the soil is still warm start planting new perennials and spring flowering bulbs like daffodils, crocus, tulips and hyacinths.
  9. Prune late-summer flowering shrubs, climbing roses and strawberry plants.
  10. Perfect time to plan your border and vegetable plots for next year. Remember to rotate your crops as it improves soil structure and fertility.

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