Nerine bowdenii

Nerine bowdenii - how to plant and grow this lovely flowering bulb

CFM Gardening nerine bowdenii

Nerine bowdenii is a beautiful autumn flowering bulb, which will bloom for years to come once settled in its environment.

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How to plant Nerines

Plant your bulbs as soon as they arrive in tight clumps for a dramatic late autumn display.

When planting, choose a well-drained position with full sun, if possible near a south-facing wall. Make sure that the roots are spread out and the compost is a mixture of 50% multipurpose compost and 50% loam based potting compost. The top half of the bulb must remain above the soil and only the bottom half should be below the compost level.

These Nerine bulbs are low maintenance but they need generous amounts of water when the plants are actively growing and very little when they are dormant. Plenty of summer sun will encourage better flowering in autumn.

Growing Nerines

The Nerine bowdenii is the most reliable hardy variety. Other species are not so frost tolerant. Nerine bulbs develop glossy green foliage that strengthens the plants during the spring and early summer. Flower stalks develop in the fall.

When the flowers burst open, they will reveal an umbel of brilliant wavy-edged flowers that are held in a disc-shaped cluster. They are excellent for cutting, but they can also brighten the garden for several weeks before they fade.

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