Classical Chillout

Classic FM introduces a small unique collection of digital only compilations, available from iTunes.

Download your copy from iTunes now 

Now you can access your favourite pieces of classical music with just one simple click.

Classical Chillout is the first digital album of this collection to be released, and it’s OUT NOW.

50 beautiful pieces of music, that are sure to transport you to a world of tranquility. Lay back and listen to the chilling music from some of the world’s greatest classical composers. Including Vaughan Williams, Rachmaninov, Mozart, Beethoven, Elgar and many more.

Click here for full track-list and excerpts.

If the thought of going outside in the hustle and bustle to buy your fix of classical music is not most appealing, this is the perfect product for you. Download 50 soothing tracks immediately to your computer or portable device with the click of a button, then simply… sit back and relax.

Download your copy from iTunes now 

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