Shakespeare In Music & Words

The brand new double album commemorating the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death in music and in words. ORDER NOW

Shakespeare in Music and Words
Celebrate the life and works of Shakespeare with this unique new album - Shakespeare in Music & Words. 
Shakespeare in Music and WordsThis brand new double album is the perfect introduction to the works of the world’s most famous playwright. The first disc features over an hour of music composed by some of the world's most accomplished composers, including Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn and Vaughn Williams, all of whom have taken inspiration from the words of Shakespeare to create beautiful music.
The second disc explores the art of spoken word. Rediscover some of your favourite Shakespeare scenes and sonnets from his most renowned plays including Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and The Tempest. Be transported to the stage with riveting performances by some of the nation’s most acclaimed actors including Vanessa Redgrave, Christopher Plummer and Sir John Gielgud.

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