John Suchet's Beethoven

If you like Beethoven you will love this new CD, introduced by Classic FM's presenter John Suchet. Listen to John Suchet's show Beethoven: The Man Revealed, every Sunday afternoon, between 9pm-10pm.

The brand new Beethoven album from John Suchet

John Suchet is well known in the classical world as the consummate Beethoven expert. For this new special compilation album, John has handpicked a collection of his favourite Beethoven pieces, including Symphony No.5 - probably the most famous symphony of them all - as well as the Emperor Concerto and the unique Violin Concerto.

To accompany the music John has also included notes and anecdotes behind each of the pieces, so you can hear the music through different ears…

Who did Beethoven write Piano Sonata No.14 for?

Which piece of music could Beethoven not premier himself due to his increasing deafness? 

Who did Beethoven initially dedicate the Eroica (Symphony No.3) to, and then angrily scratch his name off the title page? 

Enjoy over 2 hours of Beethoven’s finest compositions. The stunning new double album - John Suchet's Beethoven.

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Listen to excerpts here:

Disk 1

1: Symphony No.5 in C minor

2: Piano Sonata No.14 in C sharp minor "Moonlight"

3: Symphony No.6 in F "Pastoral"

4: Violin Concerto in D

5: "Egmont" Overture

6-7: Piano Concerto No.5 in E flat "Emperor"

Disk 2

1: Symphony No.9 in D minor "Choral"

2: Symphony No.7 in A

3: Piano Concerto No.3 in C minor

4: Prisoners' Chorus from Fidelio

5:Piano Sonata No.8 in C minor "Pathétique"

6: Symphony No.3 in E flat "Eroica"

7: Bagatelle in A minor "Fur Elise"

You can also find out more about Beethoven and his music in John Suchet’s new book, Beethoven - The Man Revealed . A great accompaniment to this beautiful album.

Listen to Beethoven - The Man Revealed by John Suchet  every Sunday afternoon, between 9pm-10pm.

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